How to use different colors by using same brush?

This is a photoshop tutorial which will show you how to color a brush image.

Step by step using colors

1. Create a blank layer, give a name the layer. it can be any size, in this sample I used 800x600 pixels.


2. Create a an empty layer. To do so quickly click on square icon next to garbage / delete icon on layers toolbar.


3. Choose a color and use the brush on this layer.


4. Duplicate the layer.

5. On main toolbar click image> adjustments>> hue/saturation. then adjust new color.


Hue will change the color itself.
Saturation will change the intensity of the color.
Also Brightness will change the darkness of the color. If you play around with these settings, and you can achieve all kinds of color variations!

6. After adjusting new color layer ( in this case green) , you can erase the area that you do not want to show.
You may also use laslo tool to delete the certain area.


7. Then save the image. Now you have two color image. This is an easy way to color your brush image.