How do resize a photo?

This is a photoshop tutorial which will show you how to resize an image and fit inside the digital photo frame/border/edge.
Most photo sizes are larger than photo frames that you might bought such as 5 by 7 or 4 by 6 (photo edge or photo border).

In this example I will resize a photo to 5x7 frame size.

1. Open the photo to make it the active image in photoshop.


2. You may go to Image > Resize > Image Size. You can give new size dimension.
3. To make sure your frame size and image size are same, click on the toolbar crop tool.
Width should be 7 in and height 5 in which is your frame size is.This example will show 5 x 7 set to landscape (that's 7″ wide by 5″ tall).


Click within your photo and drag out a cropping border. The area to be cropped away will appear dimmed.
After you have the cropping border where you want it, press the Return key (in PC: Enter key) to crop.

image image

4. After you cropped your image, open your frame .png file. Now you will have two images on your screen.
Tip: If you've dragged out a cropping border and then decide you don't want to crop the image, just press the Escape (esc) key on your keyboard, and the crop is canceled and the photo remains untouched.
Position your windows so that you can see at least part of both images.
Make sure your layers palette is shown. If not activate it from the Window menu.


5. Drag your photo onto opened frame image.


6. Your image will be still big size to fit into frame.
7. Click on Edit > Free Transform > After you resize it as you wish click on triangle button on the toolbar or just double click on it.


8. Drag the frame layer above the photo layer. You will see frame will be above the image on the screen. Bring the frame image to the front and click on Layer 0 in the layers palette.Note: Holding the shift key when you drag and drop a layer from one document to another will ensure the copied layer is placed in the center of the other document.

photoshop image

9. Click File > Save as> and save the new image with desired name.

Tip: Always rename your new photo, so old version of your image will stay as it is.